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1 a written statement of the grounds of complaint made to court law asking for the grievance to be redressed
2 a cry of sorrow and grief; "their pitiful laments could be heard throughout the ward" [syn: lament, lamentation, wail]

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  1. In the context of "archaic|or|British law": An accusation.
    Once the plaint had been made there was nothing that could be done to revoke it.
  2. In the context of "poetic|or|archaic": A lament or woeful cry.

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accusal, accusation, accusing, allegation, allegement, arraignment, bawl, bill of particulars, blame, bringing of charges, bringing to book, charge, complaint, count, cry, delation, denouncement, denunciation, dolorous tirade, groan, howl, impeachment, implication, imputation, indictment, information, innuendo, insinuation, jeremiad, keen, lament, lawsuit, laying of charges, moan, murmur, mutter, outcry, planctus, prosecution, reproach, scream, sob, suit, taxing, tirade, true bill, ululation, unspoken accusation, veiled accusation, wail, wail of woe, whimper, whine, yawp, yowl
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